Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Sister Thanksgiving. And I need your help.

Today was really really great.

Holly and I slept until 3 in the afternoon. Mostly because we stayed up half the night watching stuff on TV that really could have waited but didn't. But then she started cooking and I laid here but helped her when she needed me and when I could with one arm. We watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Gilmore Girls while that went on.

It was all done by 6:30. We had chicken, asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and stuffed mushrooms. And it was very delicious and reminiscent of meals by Mom.

We watched more Gilmore Girls until the Seahawks/49ers game and then proceeded to watch the Seahawks kick 49er tail.

After that, I took a shower while Holly did the dishes.

And then, she introduced me to Frozen. That was certainly...interesting, to say the least. All I can think right now is "Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaaan?!" But so fitting to have a sisterly love movie when it's just the two of us here. I was feeling kind of down and homesick yesterday being here for the holiday, but today turned out really great, and I'm super thankful for Holly's effort into the meal.

But here's how I need your help. After talking it over with my mom, I have decided to set up an online fundraiser to raise money to go towards next semester's tuition. The internet can be a powerful source, and I really feel out of options here. Please read my story, donate as much as you can, and spread the word, and if you can't donate, just pray that God will get this to the people who can help me. Thank you in advance. Here's the link:

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If it didn't hurt so bad, it'd be AFV worthy.

So, um, OUCH.

I've been doing so well taking care of myself while the roommate has been at class/in the library and Holly's been at work, especially considering my right arm has so much nerve damage and my left arm is still strapped to my stomach.

Well, that ended today.

Holly bought Chinese food on Monday night because she was craving egg drop soup for her sore throat. Of course there were plenty of leftovers. So today, I decided to heat up the rest of the chicken and vegetables. I accidentally heated it a little too much - mistake numero uno.

I went to sit down. The plate slipped, and then there was scalding hot Chinese food and soy sauce all over me. It was so hot that I immediately tried to get up, but with the messed up footrest and my sling, getting up isn't a very easy process so I was sort of scooting out but also freaking out because it was SO HOT.

You know what happened next, as if this wasn't unfortunate enough? Well, you see, the right arm/side of my recliner has been messed up ever since the chair got warped in the storage unit summer of 2013 when the unit flooded. So it's been loose, but the chair still worked fine. Well, with me, a big girl, freaking out trying desperately to stand up and get out of the chair, it broke. And when the arm fell out, it really broke. Like completely fell over. And when the arm fell over, since the arm is connected to the whole wooden side of the chair, the whole chair collapsed. So I almost fell on the floor in my messy disaster.

Luckily, the arm didn't totally separate from the chair, so when I got up, I was able to stand the chair back up, but needless to say I won't be sitting in it for a while. Our super is incredibly handy, so we're going to ask him after Thanksgiving, like Friday, if he can maybe drill in some screws to hold it in place or something. I don't know, we'll see. If not, I may just resort to duct tape until I can afford a new recliner because a) I love that recliner and b) sleeping in my bed with this sling really hurts because I can't turn over and c) this couch is not very comfortable.

But hey, at least I only got two small burns out of the whole ordeal, one on my stomach and one on my thigh. It could have been a lot worse.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

As if I didn't have enough aches and pains.

I have to wear this sling with my arm totally strapped to me until December 15th. As you might imagine, having your arm in that position all the time makes everything tense up. And when everything tenses up and stays tense for an extended period, it makes muscles hurt very badly.

So that's why I woke up today feeling like someone was sitting on my chest. The muscles across my collar bone and the top of my chest were a mess all day today. Loads of fun.

Tonight was the DWTS finale. I have loved Alfonso Ribeiro since the Fresh Prince years, but seeing him dance on this show has made me love him even more. He was my second favorite of the season, so if my favorite had to land in 3rd place, I'm glad he won.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

So. Ferguson.

So many things could be said, but anything I want to say has already been said and often more eloquently than I ever could, so I'll just say that I think an injustice was done, and my prayers are with Michael Brown's family, the people of Ferguson, and everyone in the black community who feels betrayed by the decision that came out. Romans 12:15 says weep with those who weep, and my heart breaks for those who live in a constant state of fear and a feeling of "less-than". I can't imagine.

On a rare occasion, I'm keeping my mouth shut. The whole thing makes my head and hurt ache.

I went to my post-op today, and things are fine, as I expected. I then went to the health center and got medication for my rash, and it helped even after only one use which was awesome. They wanted to set me up with NYU's dermatologist, but I decided to wait and see if this steroid cream takes care of it, which it seems to be, so yay.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Thought I would update. I still don't have total feeling back in my left hand, so it will be short because this is hard.

I haven't done anything except sleep and ice my shoulder and watch TV since Tuesday. I'm bored and lonely. Thank God for the church friends who have stopped by for a few minutes.

The Percocet has terribly messed up my stomach. This is why I asked for Vicodin.

Having my arm strapped to me is very inconvenient.

The sling has given me a rash.

But other than that, I think I'm where I'm supposed to be.

I'm very drained, but hopefully that will get better soon.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Football football football.

Even when you have surgery on a very small, confined area, it seems to drain the energy out of your entire body. At least it does for me.

So today, I basically lived in my recliner again and watched football game after football game after football game.

And it was awesome.

I love football.

I didn't even know how football worked until Holly joined the NC State marching band, so my how things change.

I also happen to be a really big fan of my recliner.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

And sometimes you hate pain meds.

So if stomach issues are TMI for you, stop reading.

I got hungry about 2 am this morning, so Holly heated me up the end of the pizza.

About 30 minutes after that, I started violently puking because my stomach got backed up.

This is why I asked the hospital for Vicodin instead of Percocet, but they insisted on giving me Percocet anyway and I was too out of it to fight them.

My stomach got cleaned out temporarily, but I'm gonna definitely need meds to make sure what happened this morning does not happen again.

Because that. was. awful.

On the upside, I got to see Betsy who brought me a delicious homemade pasta dish.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Always good enough for TGIT.

What's better when you're in pain and recovering from surgery than good television?

And there is no good television like the trio of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder.

Justin brought me pizza. I watched a lot of television. And I slept.

That's about all you can ask for.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My church fam is awesome.

This night, Cathy, Awilda, and Ken came over and brought me fried chicken.

It was delicious.

I don't remember much else about today because, as you can imagine, it involved a lot of sleeping and pain meds and ice and not much else.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am fine.

Thought you should know.

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